"Curse Yourself: A Portal Fantasy Adventure"

by S. Breaker

Of all the dimensions in all the multiverses in all the worlds, she stumbles into theirs...
A fast-paced, a slice-of-life, portal fantasy action/adventure crossover
# Young Adult
# Sci-Fi
# Fantasy
# Epic
# Multidimensional

Available in EPUB and MOBI formats. Read on your Kindle, phone, tablet, computer and more

Stuck in a dangerous high-tech parallel world, Laney desperately needs to go home. Thanks to her genius scientist friend’s invention, the “Library of Worlds”, she might finally have a chance. Notwithstanding an unexpected detour to an eerie forest that just so happens to have a snarky ancient fairy guarding a mythical treasure, her shady human companion, and the most ferocious monster in the land of Arcadia. In the vastness of the multiverse, trust is scarce and secrets abound. Drop in on our heroes on this most typical of days in their life of adventure. Will they find a way to work together to save each other or will they end up cursing themselves…? This story is a slice-of-life, portal fantasy crossover between S. Breaker’s two completed YA series: her sci-fi series “Selfless” and her epic fantasy series “The Curse of the Arcadian Stone: Nameless Fay.”